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Sunny Suds Castile Soap Concentrate

Sunny Suds Castile Soap Concentrate

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34 oz. concentrate. Makes up to (17) gallons of cleaner.

Super-concentrated pure Castile soap blended with additional plant-based ingredients make for a powerful cleaning soap. Mix with water in a bucket, pail or sink for big cleaning jobs like floors and walls. Handy pump dispenser for easy measuring. Made without SLES, DEA, TEA, dyes, triclosan, caustics, bleach, phosphates and artificial colors. Can be used straight (not diluted) for stains on carpets or fabrics. Can be used as a general household cleanser, as a booster for laundry cleaning and for heavy-duty dishware cleaning. Helps remove common household grease, grime and dirt. Can be used to clean water-washable surfaces such as resilient floors, washable walls, baseboards, outdoor furniture and more. Use as a booster with laundry detergent to help remove stains including makeup, coffee, dust/sebum, clay and more. Works to remove stains on cotton and synthetics as well as colors and whites.

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