More Efficient than Liquids, Pods or Pacs

Apple cider vinegar packs the stain-removing power into each eco-friendly pre-measured laundry detergent sheet.  I love no more measuring, no mess and no worrying about losing color, stain blobs and itchy residue on our clothes and linens with Sunny Valley’s all plant-based laundry detergent sheets.  My laundry smells incredibly fresh and clean and everything feels soft.  We never use fabric softener any more because the bio-based ingredients don’t stiffen the fibers and they rinse out fully.  We will never go back to dragging on heavy laundry products again!

Extra Tip:

Put a few of these in a zip-lock bag and carry them in my purse so that I have a safe instant stain remover whenever I need it. I have used these on spills in my car and when I’m out and about and spill on myself.

I LOVE these laundry sheets and they smell amazing!

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